how the maknaes came to the world and ruined the life out of us


when oh sebrat is absolutely no help

sehun during lucky stage

model boys

for sehwun  

sehuna~ let me hold you.

sekai for grazia

SEKAI; "Best Friends Turn Lover" AU(FANMIX)
In which Kim Jongin’s life was divided into many phases according to the meaning of Oh Sehun in his heart.

In primary school, Sehun was just a strange transfer student to Jongin
In Junior High, Sehun was a friend
In High School, Sehun was his best friend
And in College, they were lovers


Jongin adjusting his pants whilst laughin tgr with Kyungsoo at Baek’s mistake (?) + Kyungsoo giving Baek a smack on his head